Start / Stop Squirrel

How to start or stop Squirrel

Start Application

Option 1: Program Document

The easiest and recommended way is to add a program document in the HCL Domino directory.
Sample program document in Domino Directory

Option 2: Console Command

Enter the command Load RunJava JAddin Squirrel in the HCL Domino console:
> Load RunJava JAddin Squirrel
17.10.2020 15:07:24 JVM: Java Virtual Machine initialized.
17.10.2020 15:07:24 RunJava: Started JAddin Java task.
17.10.2020 15:07:24 Squirrel: The Internet Mail Collector for HCL Domino - Version 1.4.1 2020-10-18
17.10.2020 15:07:24 Squirrel: Copyright iota systems GmbH / ABdata, Andy Brunner - All Rights Reserved
17.10.2020 15:07:25 Squirrel: License key valid for 10 mail account subscriptions until 2021-12-31
17.10.2020 15:07:26 Squirrel: IMAPS message forwarded to XXX/XXX from [email protected] (Size 689 KB)
17.10.2020 15:07:26 Squirrel: POP3S message forwarded to XXX/XXX from [email protected] (Size 286 KB)

Option 3: Notes.ini

You may change the line starting with ServerTasks= to include the task to be started, e.g.
ServerTasks=Replica,Router,Update,RunJava JAddin Squirrel,AMgr,...
Please note that the Java class names JAddin and Squirrel are both case-sensitive and must be coded with exact case during startup.

Stop Application

To terminate Squirrel, enter Tell Squirrel Quit on the HCL Domino console.
> Tell Squirrel Quit
19.01.2024 08:58:34 Squirrel: Termination in progress
19.01.2024 08:58:36 RunJava: Finalized JAddin Java task.
19.01.2024 08:58:37 RunJava shutdown.