Contact / Problem Reporting

How to contact the authors
Please do not hesitate to contact the authors [email protected] or [email protected] if you encounter any issues or if you have a suggestion.
In case of an errors, please include the following information for our problem determination:
  • Recreate the problem while the Squirrel debugging is active.
  • Save the HCL Domino log (console or log.nsf) during the error.
  • Enter the console command Show Stat Squirrel and save the output (console or log.nsf).
  • Save the file Squirrel-Debug-YYYY-MM.DD.log in the Domino data directory.
  • For OAuth 2.0 connections, save the file Squirrel-Debug-OAuth-{n}.log in the program directory.
  • Send this information to us with a short description of the error and the steps needed to reproduce.
Thank you.