🚀Installation / Update

A short guide on how to install or upgrade Squirrel


  • HCL Domino 9.0.1 FP8 or higher (requires Java Virtual Machine 1.8 or higher)

  • Connection to the Internet mail server(s) from the HCL Domino server

  • Root (and intermediate) certificates of the Internet mail server(s) in the CACert keystore file (see Administrator Tips)

  • Java Virtual Machine heap size with 256MB or more

Installation / Update

Step 1: Check Java VM Heap Size

To avoid out-of-memory errors in the Java Virtual Machine, make sure that the JVM heap size is set to at least 256 MB in the Notes.ini on the HCL Domino server, e.g. JavaMaxHeapSize=256MB

Step 2: Copy distribution files

After downloading and unzipping the installation package, the distribution files must be copied as follows:

Under Linux/Unix/AIX, make sure that the JAR files are marked with executable rights thru 'chmod +rx‘

The file name prefix '1-' ensures that the newer Eclipse Jakarta Mail is loaded in favor of the standard mail.jar included in HCL Domino (required for OAuth 2.0)

Step 3: Create / Update Squirrel Database

  • Sign the database template Squirrel.ntf with the HCL Domino server-id

  • Create a new database Squirrel.nsf in the root data directory or replace the design of the existing database using the signed template

  • Create, edit or verify the configuration, connection and account documents

The database access control (ACL) must be set as follows:

The HCL Domino database Squirrel.nsf contains configuration and status information. There are three types of documents:

  • One Configuration Document per Domino server is used to define the Squirrel add-in running on a server (ACL Role EditConfigSrv).

  • One Host Connection Document must be defined for each Internet mail server referenced in the mail account documents (ACL Role EditConn).

  • One Mail Account Subscription Document must be defined for each mail account to be processed (ACL Role EditAcc) .

Step 4: Post-installation

  • If you plan to process all folders from the IMAP host, check the Developer Tips on how to move the messages in the users mail box to the corresponding folders after processing.

  • If any RunJava task is running on the server, it is necessary to restart RunJava to load the newly installed Java containers.

Step 5: Start the Application

Now you are ready to start the Application.

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