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Release History

Currently in development

  • Check if correct Java Mail API classes are installed
  • Minor code changes during connection cleanup

Version 1.6.3 (2023-08-05)
  • Support for emails which are represented in Java as
  • Prevent log message "duplex close of socket"

Version 1.6.2 (2023-06-21)
  • Use envelope <Return-Path> or <X-Envelope-From> if no valid sender found in mail body
  • Fix for duplicate cc: and bcc: recipients
  • Connection error "BAD User is authenticated but not connected" is now handled as temporary to avoid disabling the subscription document (occurs often in Microsoft 365)
  • Enhance server licensing
  • Minor text changes in Jakarta Mail debug log
  • Include SOFA 1.0.1 (minor fixes)
  • Documentation: Product website moved to

Version 1.6.1 (2022-10-24)
  • Minor adjustments in debug logging
  • Treat errors during OAuth 2.0 authentication as temporary errors to prevent disabling of subscription documents
  • Field validation error for OAuth 2.0 fixed
  • Encrypt client value/secret field for OAuth 2.0

Version 1.6.0 (2022-10-19)
  • Add additional fields in account document for OAuth 2.0
  • OAuth 2.0 support for IMAP and POP3
  • Include the freeware SOFA 1.0.0 framework for OAuth 2.0 authentication
  • Added file to the distribution packet to parameterize the OAuth 2.0 debug logging (see Debugging Tips)

Version 1.5.2 2022-08-15
  • Handle X.509 Internet encrypted messages
  • Add more detailed debugging information
  • Do not automatically convert to UTF-8 charset
  • Ignore MIME encoding errors for invalid Internet messages
  • Ignore unknown/unsupported MIME encoding specifications

Version 1.5.1 2021-04-13
If you are upgrading from Squirrel version 1.5.0, you need to delete the two files
  • 1-Squirrel-Activation.jar
  • 1-Squirrel-Jakarta.jar
from the directory 'Domino/ndext'
  • Add free version with a limit of three active mail subscriptions
  • Support coexistence with HCL Traveler

Version 1.5.0 2021-03-23
  • Option in configuration document to send all user account errors to the administrator
  • Include JAddin 2.1.2 framework (minor fixes)
  • Include Eclipse Jakarta Mail and Eclipse Jakarta Activation to replace older JavaMail API
  • Write logging from Jakarta Mail API during active debugging to file 'Squirrel-Debug-YYYY-MM-DD.log' (see Debugging Tips)
  • Squirrel documentation updated and moved to GitBook
  • Experimental support for OAuth 2.0 authentication (Client XOAUTH2). This feature is currently in a beta phase. Please send any feedback to [email protected]

Version 1.4.2 2021-01-01
  • Show warning message at startup if defined maximum Java heap size is less than 256MB
  • Add Domino statistic 'Squirrel.Messages.LastConnectTime' with time of last successful POP3/IMAP server connection
  • Remove some original MIME headers to avoid duplicate MIME headers (RFC 5322)
  • Added several code enhancements in processing MIME message content
  • Minor documentation changes

Version 1.4.1 2020-10-18
  • Preserve original recipient fields (To, Cc, Bcc)
  • Disable adding Domino domain name (e.g. @ACME) in recipient address
  • Handle empty To/From address
  • Support RFC 2047 encoded header fields
  • Minor documentation changes

Version 1.4.0 2020-09-17
  • Support recipient lookup for large Domino directories
  • Support manual entry of recipients (e.g. for group names or mail-in databases)
  • Minor documentation changes

Version 1.3.4 2020-08-02
  • Support Domino mail rule "Don't accept message"

Version 1.3.3 2020-07-28
  • Fix regression error in 1.3.1/1.3.2 "Folder not open"

Version 1.3.2 2020-07-13
  • Retry server login after receiving "EOF on socket"

Version 1.3.1 2020-07-11
  • Retry server login after receiving "Temporary authentication failure"

Version 1.3.0 2019-12-02
  • Add option to select all folders to be processed (IMAP servers only)
  • Add option to process all messages (read and unread) once for complete mailbox migration (see Administrator Tips)
  • Change product references to reflect re-branding (IBM to HCL)
  • Code performance enhancements during Domino MIME message body creation
  • Show 1 KB message size (instead of 0 KB) on console log for message size < 1 KB
  • Add Notes item $SquirrelFolder with the folder name of the original message (see Developer Tips)
  • Add check for required ACL roles to be active in configuration database (see Installation)
  • Shortened the length of log and debug message to the console

Version 1.2.3 2019-08-12

  • Correct bug when receiving Internet messages with text/html and base64 encoding

Version 1.2.2 2019-07-01

  • Add 125ms delay between message fetching to avoid race conditions on the Internet mail server
  • Set the Notes message item PostedDate to the original time of the message (see Developer Tips)
  • Rename the Notes item $SquirrelSentDate to $SquirrelPostedDate and set it to the time of the Squirrel message processing
  • Support encoded subject lines, which do not completely follow the RFC 2047 standard.

Version 1.2.1 2019-03-18

  • Back-End: Correct display of encoded Internet sender addresses (e.g. "=?utf-8?..")
  • Back-End: Minor code cleanup

Version 1.2.0 2019-03-09

  • Remove unused action menu
  • Mark Sqirrel.ntf as template in database properties
  • Include JAddin 2.1.1 framework
  • Use Domino router database if is not present
  • Correct possible loop while encountering startup errors
  • Correct NullPointerException for missing sent date in MIME mail
  • Support MIME messages which are mapped in Java API as com.sun.mail.util.BASE64DecoderStream
  • Add Domino console log message every hour if no mail account document is active
  • Force UTF-8 for all MIME character set conversions

Version 1.1.0 2019-02-22

  • Configuration document: "Send sys msg to" is now a Domino directory names lookup field
  • Internet mail account subscription: New field for comments
  • Internet mail account views: Action button for set active/inactive
  • Internet mail account views: Include columns for used connections and comments
  • Squirrel.ntf template: Set default ACLs
  • Minor code changes and cleanups

Version 1.0.0 2019-02-10

  • First official release

Version 0.8.0 2019-02-05

  • Third internal beta version - Feature completed
  • Add all notification email for the administrator

Version 0.6.0 2019-01-19

  • Second internal beta version
  • Add support for POP3S and POP3

Version 0.5.0 2019-01-07

  • First internal beta version

Version 0.1.0 2019-01-02

  • First alpha version (Proof of concept)